vendredi, mars 30, 2007

Walter Crane, Flora's Feast, 1892

Walter Crane, Flora's Feast, 1892, originally uploaded by Gatochy.

Illustration originally from the book "Flora's feast. A Masque of Flowers Penned & Pictured by Walter Crane." 25 cm high. Cassel & Co. Ltd, London-Paris-Melbourne.

"The artist can without a doubt unleash an enormous expressive force in the mastery of the pure line. In fact, as I mentioned above the line is a highly sensitive and expressive language, with several dialects which can be adjusted at any point. That is imperative for every types of drawings based on lines." (Walter Crane.)

Scanned and quoted from the book "Art Nouveau" by Gabriele Fahr-Becker. Click image for 919 x 1140 version.

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