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vendredi, février 26, 2010

Charles Sellier, The Initiation

Charles Sellier, The Initiation
Charles Sellier, The Initiation, originally uploaded by Gatochy.

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Reutlinger, originally uploaded by mpt.1607.

Charles-August Mengin, Sappho, 1877

mercredi, février 24, 2010

Steinlen, Chat

Steinlen, Chat, originally uploaded by Gatochy.

Via Vintage poster. Click image for 756 x 1172 size.

mardi, février 23, 2010

Waffenschmied - Landwehr Infanterie Regt. 126

From the Flickr page:

"Letter on reverse (below) dated 31.8.15 with admin stamps from 9 Kompagnie - Landwehr Infanterie Regiment 126 and 7 Landwehr Division. Postage cancelled on 1.9.15.

A Kgl. Württembergisches Landwehr-Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 126 Waffenschmied (armourer) stands outside his workshop, the front decorated with fragments from exploded shells. Through the window can be seen his work bench, complete with vice and hand-tools.

The 7th Landwehr Division spent the period from its formation to early 1917 on the Western Front, mainly involved in positional warfare in Upper Alsace, after which it went to the Lorraine front.

It was transferred to the Eastern Front in the Spring of 1917, where it remained after the 1917 armistice on that front. In 1918, it served in internal security missions in Ukraine, where it was located when World War I ended. Allied intelligence rated the Division as fourth class."

lundi, février 22, 2010

Louise Cromwell poses in fox furs, 1911

Click image for 1024 x 1438 size.

dimanche, février 21, 2010

Degouve de Nuncques, Parc de Milan, 1895

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