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Vintage Illustration--W. Heath Robinson-Contraption for the Lazy Father

Ilustração Portugueza, No. 483, May 24 1915 - 13

Click image for 1500 x 2290 size.

A marriage photographed by Benoliel.

Christmas photo of the owners of the Grande Fábrica de Louça e Cerâmicas de Água Branca (a factory of dishware and porcelains) in S. Paulo, Brazil. Money was raised for soldiers and Belgian orphans.

Uncle Wiggily in a Balloon

American Bee Journal, January 1908

John Philip Sousa, 1900

John Philip Sousa 1900, originally uploaded by stevechasmar.

A Portuguese composer in America.

"Over a century after they were composed, the best marches of John Phillip Sousa are still fresh and uplifting. Thanks to Sousa, a master composer, American marching music is played by marching bands around the world. Two of the most well known are "Stars and Stripes Forever" and the "Washington Post March", both of which were played at President Obama's inauguration ceremony. Although these marches are often played by military marching bands, the almost circus-like quality of Sousa's best pieces ensures the atmosphere is celebratory and not pompous or threatening.

Photo by E. Chickering"

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Mikado Geisha

Mikado Geisha, originally uploaded by Vintage Lulu.

Corsets Obersky (1914)

Corsets Obersky (1914), originally uploaded by Susanlenox.

"Artist : Julius Klinger (1876 – 1942) was an Austrian Painter, draftsman, illustrator, commercial graphic artist, typographer and writer. Klinger studied at the Technologisches Gewerbemuseum.In 1897 he relocated to Berlin, where he worked extensively as a commercial graphic artist until 1915. Being of Jewish descent, he suffered from national socialist harassment. According to Viennese police records, he was registered as moved to Minsk in June 2, 1942, i.e. deported. Presumably, he was killed the same year."

Ilustração Portugueza, No. 483, May 24 1915 - 24

Click image for 979 x 1500 size.

Propaganda against the kaiser.

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Ilustração Portugueza, No. 483, May 24 1915 - 23

Click image for 1495 x 2270 size.

The steamship Lusitania, sunk by the Germans during the I world war.

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Art Nouveau Postcard

Art Nouveau Postcard, originally uploaded by mica12244art.

Ilustração Portugueza, No. 483, May 24 1915 - 27

Click image for 1600 x 1026 size.

A crowd cheers for the revolution in Portugal.

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Ilustração Portugueza, No. 483, May 24 1915 - 31a

Click image for 447 x 620 size.

Photo by Benoliel.

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