samedi, février 17, 2007

Christopher Dresser, Sugar bowl and spoon, c.1875

Silver plated metal and ebony.

Click image for 700 x 584 version.

jeudi, février 15, 2007

Ernest Cardeilhac, Sugar bowl with Spoon, c.1910

Silver plated metal, ivory.

Click image for 499 x 628 version.

mercredi, février 14, 2007

Émile Gallé, Ornamental Tray (detail) c. 1878

Pottery, decoration over glazing. 58 cm in diameter. Musée d'Orsay, Paris.

"Gallé tested the spirit of Japan in his pottery work, as well as all its other capabilities, before going beyond it in the imcomparable quality of his glasses. 'It was from the Japanese art that he drew the general system, the fundamental principles of his style; we shouldn't however think that he imitates that mold in a servile way. There's nothing more different from the Japanese art than Galle's work... He simply adopts the style concept of the Japanese as his own, and then works it using his taste and his knowledge.' (Henri Frantz.)"

Scanned and quoted from the book "Art Nouveau" by Gabriele Fahr-Becker.

Click image for 1500 x 764 version.

mardi, février 13, 2007

François-Raoul Larche, Loie Fuller, Table Lamp, 1901

François-Raoul Larche, Loie Fuller, table lamp, 1901. Golden bronze.

lundi, février 12, 2007

Charles van der Stappen, Le Sphinx Mystérieux, 1897

Ivory, bronze. 56 x 46 x 31 cm. Musée Royaux d'Art et d'Histoire, Bruxels.

"Van der Stappen worked on his ivory and metal sculptures as works of complete perfection. The bust here represented gathers all the characteristics of Belgian art of the fin-de-siècle and constitutes the origin of its Art Nouveau school. The sphinx is the image incarnated of literary symbolism, and ivory accentuates its mysterious aura."

Scanned and quoted from the book "Art Nouveau" by Gabriele Fahr-Becker.

Click image for 973 x 1340 version.

dimanche, février 11, 2007

Paul Manship, Dancer and Gazelles, 1916

Paul Manship, Dancer and Gazelles, bronze, American, 1916.

Scanned from "Art Deco 1910-1939" edited by Charlotte Benton, Tim Benton and Chislaine Wood.

Click image for 700 x 693 version.

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