vendredi, août 01, 2008

1910s Lucile Gown

1910s Lucile Gown, originally uploaded by Sacheverelle.

From the flickr page: "Copy of photo from the Lucile collection, Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC."

William Chase, Portrait of Dora Wheeler

Click image for 525 x 509 size.

mercredi, juillet 30, 2008

William Chase, Portrait of Mrs. C

William Chase, Portrait of Mrs. C, originally uploaded by Gatochy.

Click image for 475 x 698 size.

mardi, juillet 29, 2008

lundi, juillet 28, 2008

Opium Hallucination

Opium Hallucination, originally uploaded by stevechasmar.

From the flickr page: "This old illustration was captioned "The Opium Smoker's Dream", and includes some rather bizarre imagery including bats and a dragon. Both creatures are found in Chinese iconography and symbolize happiness and strength respectively, but these renditions are decidedly Western and remind me of Halloween more than anything else. Thanks to Nick Bornoff for finding this for me."

Henri Fantin-Latour, Still Life Flowers, Dish with Fruit and Carafe 1865

Click image for 711 x 575 size.

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