samedi, mai 26, 2007

Pierre Auguste Cot, Springtime, 1873

Click image for 565 x 1000 size.

vendredi, mai 25, 2007

Bicycle Headlamp Advertisement, 1898

Aleksandr Benois, The Chinese Pavillion, The Jealous One, 1906

Aleksandr Benois.

Click image for 638 x 612 size.

jeudi, mai 24, 2007

Another Russian Theatre Production

Adelaide Claxton, Wonderland, 1860s-70s

Adelaide Claxton.

Click image for 442 x 525 size.

mercredi, mai 23, 2007

Giorgio de Chirico, Love Song, 1914

Click image for 665 x 824.

lundi, mai 21, 2007

Anselm Feuerbach, Nanna, c. 1861

Anselm Feuerbach, Nanna, c. 1861, originally uploaded by Gatochy.

Found in Bert Christensen's CyberSpace Galleries.

Click image for 435 x 550.

dimanche, mai 20, 2007

Yoshitoshi, Mount Ji Ming Moon, 1886

June 1886 --- Zi Fang was a hero of the wars that led to the establishment of the Han dynasty in China in the third century B.C. On the night before the battle of Ji Ming Mountain, he played melodies of the province of the opposing army so sweetly that they were demoralized. --- Image by © Asian Art & Archaeology, Inc./CORBIS

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