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Illustração Portugueza, No. 175, June 28 1909

Click image for 877 x 1315 size.

Ads for Elixir of Dr. Mialhe for stomach ailments; for the subscription to the magazine; Travel agency Ernst George ("Very cheap travels to the holy land"); to Madame Brouillard, psychic; and to bicycles J. Castello Branco.

vendredi, avril 17, 2009

Art Exhibition (1905)

Art Exhibition (1905), originally uploaded by Susanlenox.

Artist : Franz von Stuck (1863-1928)

Taft Inauguration

President William Howard Taft and his wife Helen during inaugural parade, March 4, 1909. A snow storm forced the inauguration to take place inside the Capitol and it took 6,000 men half the night to cleared over 500 wagon loads of snow from the parade route.

T. E. Tisovský - King Mouselet And Prince Youth - The BoldDwarfs´Adventures

llustrated by Artuš Scheiner. Published in Prague (1905).

Illustração Portugueza, No. 139, October 19 1908 - 33a

Click image for 849 x 280 size.

Petroleo Hahn, "your hair's treasure. Antiseptic, regenerator, delicious perfume, avoids falling hair, refuse all infective imitations, buy the real Petroleo Hahn".

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Illustração Portugueza, No. 139, October 19 1908 - 1e

Click image for 619 x 278 size.

L'Epil'Vite, depilatory cream.

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Rosa Sulfurea; Rosier a fleurs jaune soufre (syn) [Rosa hemisphaericaHerrm.] (1817-1824)

Gustav Adolf Schaffer, Art Exhibition to Chemnitz (1909-1910)

Gustav Adolf Schaffer (1881-1937)

Illustração Portugueza, No. 139, October 19 1908 - 1b

Click image for 594 x 894 size.

Ad for water Castello, "The best of waters, winner of several prizes, supplier to the royal house".

mardi, avril 14, 2009

Illustração Portugueza, No. 139, October 19 1908 - 1c

Click image for 746 x 218 size.

Ad for perfume Floramye.

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dimanche, avril 12, 2009

Vintage Easter Postcard--Waiter Easter Bunny

Illustração Portugueza, No. 139, October 19 1908 - 1a

Click image for 752 x 696 size.

Ad for Gil Dias d'Assumpção, upholsterer & cabinet maker, "supplier to the British Legation and main houses of Lisbon".

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