samedi, novembre 04, 2006

Margaret Evans Price, "Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary," 1917

Margaret Evans Price, "Jack and Jill," 1917

Margaret Evans Price, "Little Tommy Tucker," 1917

Margaret Evans Price, "Little Miss Netticoat," 1917

Little Miss Netticoat with her white petticoat,
She has neither feet nor hands;
The longer she grows the shorter she stands.

(A Candle.)

Margaret Evans Price, "Little Bo Peep," 1917

Arthur Thiele, card

Arthur Thiele, card, originally uploaded by Gatochy.

Found in Oldpostcards.

vendredi, novembre 03, 2006

Margaret Ely Webb, Red Riding Hood, 1903

A Happy New Year, card

A Happy New Year, card, originally uploaded by Gatochy.

Emilie Benson Knipe, Tangled Hair, 1914

From the book "Remember Rhymes."

jeudi, novembre 02, 2006

Alphonse Mucha, A slave epic 1928

A slave epic 1928, originally uploaded by Robbylovebeads76.

mercredi, novembre 01, 2006

Emilie Benson Knipe, Going to School, 1914

From the book "Remember Rhymes."

Emilie Benson Knipe, A Sleepy Boy, 1914

From the book "Remember Rhymes."

Harrison Cady, The Swimming Season Open at the Old Frog Pond, 1917

Found in Ruby Lane.

mardi, octobre 31, 2006

Frog card

Frog card, originally uploaded by Gatochy.

"Breakfast in bed charged extra."

Found in Oldpostcards.

Josef Diveky, Viennese Happy Easter Greeting card, 1907-08

Klimt, Water Serpents 1907

Klimt, Water Serpents 1907, originally uploaded by Gatochy.

lundi, octobre 30, 2006

Rochegrosse, A Portrait of Sarah Bernhardt

Klimt, Lady with Fan, 1917

Klimt, Lady with Fan, 1917, originally uploaded by Gatochy.

Taniguchi Kokyo, Heron Girl, 1910s


n052110, originally uploaded by pantufla.

dimanche, octobre 29, 2006

Monet, La Japonaise (Camille Monet in Japanese Costume)

Lillian Genth, Woman with a Japanese Lantern, 1915

Odilon Redon, The Buddha, 1910

Odilon Redon, The Buddha, 1910, originally uploaded by Gatochy.

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