samedi, juillet 11, 2009

Esfera magazine, Casa Emilio Gonzales Chocolates, Easter ad, 1918

Click image 550 x 767 size.

Shameless rip-off of Jessie Willcox Smith's "Beauty and the Beast", 1914.

Jessie Willcox Smith, Beauty and the Beast, 1914

vendredi, juillet 10, 2009

Portrait, ca. 1911-17

, originally uploaded by bobster855.

"from the Library of Congress."

R. Ehrmann, Gal Hair Pretoleum, 1913

R. Ehrmann, Gal Pretoleum, 1913, originally uploaded by Gatochy.

Click image 531 x 751 size.

mercredi, juillet 08, 2009

Penfield, Athletes, ca. 1908

"From the Library of Congress."

Blanco y Negro, Flores del Campo de Floralia, 1914

Click image for 550 x 737 size.

mardi, juillet 07, 2009

Artificial Flowers Eugenio Mendiola, 1918

Click image for 550 x 756 size.

dimanche, juillet 05, 2009

G.C. Beresford, Percy Wyndham Lewis, 1913

"Percy Wyndham Lewis (1882-1957) was an English painter and author. He was a co-founder of the Vorticist movement in art, and edited the literary magazine of the Vorticists, BLAST.

It was in the years 1913-15 that he developed the style of geometric abstraction for which he is best known today, a style which his friend Ezra Pound dubbed "Vorticism". Lewis found the strong structure of Cubist painting appealing, but said it did not seem "alive" compared to Futurist art, which, conversely, lacked structure. Vorticism combined the two movements in a strikingly dramatic critique of modernity."

Edward Steichen, Cyclamen, 1913

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