jeudi, janvier 22, 2009

Corsets Obersky (1914)

Corsets Obersky (1914), originally uploaded by Susanlenox.

"Artist : Julius Klinger (1876 – 1942) was an Austrian Painter, draftsman, illustrator, commercial graphic artist, typographer and writer. Klinger studied at the Technologisches Gewerbemuseum.In 1897 he relocated to Berlin, where he worked extensively as a commercial graphic artist until 1915. Being of Jewish descent, he suffered from national socialist harassment. According to Viennese police records, he was registered as moved to Minsk in June 2, 1942, i.e. deported. Presumably, he was killed the same year."

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peacay a dit…

Hey Mariana, you should have a look at the Albertina Gallery collection (Austria) if you don't know it (It's new). They have a lot of modernist posters (and more!)

M a dit…

Hi, Peacay, thansk for the heads up!

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