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LePage's Tube Glue, 1919

LePage's Tube Glue, 1919, originally uploaded by revista_antiga.

From the ad: "Do you know
what makes Le Page's Glue the Universal Mender?
Not alone because it's the strongest adhesive known, but also because of
The LePage's Glue Tube
that's clean to handle
with its Spreader that's never lost!

The best artisan in the world couldn't do a good job if he didn't have good tools. LePage's Glue -- the strongest adhesive known -- would not be 100% efficient if it were not put up right -- if it were not ready for instant use. So we added the good tool and perfect tube to the wonderful adhesive strength of the glue.

The tube is so easy to handle. You need not soil your hands. The glue never hardens in it, and cannot 'go bad' with age. (...)

The Spreading Tool is the curved end of the lengthened stopper. See the picture above. Just pull out the Stopper -- there's the Spreader! Stopper and Spreader are one. It's never lost, always ready for work and the most efficient little tool for economically and efficiently applying glue ever invented. (...)

Nothing you can buy -- and it costs so little -- will help you more in making and mending. 'Mend, don't spend,' you know, is the thrift-wise thought of the hour. (...)

Signet the permanent ink

is made and guaranteed by the makers of LePage's Glue. It's the ink you have always wanted -- the safest, most efficient and 'kindliest' writing fluid obtainable. A perfect fountain pen ink. Ask your dealer for it."

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